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What to do if Accused of a Sex Crime

Ever since the Harvey Weinstein scandal became public, it seems that a new celebrity or high-profile person is being publicly accused of sexual misconduct almost daily.  Many are denying the allegations against them and with so many coming so fast, it’s hard to follow what happens next.  We thought it would be prudent to put together some advice as to what you should do if you find yourself accused of a sex crime.

Take it Seriously

First and foremost, if you have been accused of a sex crime or sexual misconduct of any sort, take the allegations seriously.  Many people go into some level of denial, and will minimize the trouble that they are in.  They think, “I didn’t do this, so there is no case against me.”  As a consequence, they fail to do the things they should and usually find themselves in much deeper legal trouble than they started out in.

Remain Silent

Don’t respond to the allegations in any way without first talking to a lawyer.  Don’t talk to your employer, don’t talk to your spouse, don’t talk to your friends and family, and definitely don’t talk to the police.  The most important thing for you to do is to remain silent.  If approached or asked by the police, tell them that you are following legal advice and demand an attorney.  You may want to tell your story, but the time and place to do that is to a jury of your peers with the help of your attorney.  If you have a reason to believe you are under investigation, hire a lawyer as soon as possible, as we can sometimes persuade the police to abandon the investigation, or convince the prosecutor not to file charges to begin with.

Hire a Defense Lawyer that Excels in Sex Crimes Cases

Sexual Assault, more than any other charge, deals with strong emotions that, if not checked, can unfairly prejudice you and practically eliminate your right to be presumed innocent.  To overcome these strong emotions in Sexual Assault cases, your criminal defense lawyer must thoroughly investigate your case, properly frame your theory of defense and passionately persuade the jurors to agree with your story of innocence.

Educate Yourself

The best results come from a fully involved and educated client.  Educate yourself on the subject area of the allegations you are facing. Learn as much as you can about the charges you are facing, your rights, and the legal system.  During your defense process, you will need to understand why certain things are necessary and important.

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