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Sex Crimes

Nelson Defense Group has extensive experience representing people accused of sexual assault. Whether you, or your loved one, are accused of sexual assault, you need a powerful criminal defense trial lawyer.

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We will thoroughly investigate your case, properly frame your theory of defense and passionately persuade the jurors to agree with your story of innocence.

Throughout his career, Aaron has found success in cases involving sexual assault:

- Second-degree sexual assault of person incapable of consent – Dismissed (2017)
- Sexual intercourse with a child and strangulation and suffocation – Dismissed (2017)
- Not guilty: first-degree sexual assault of child under 12 (2017)
- 3rd and 4th degree sexual assault – Dismissed (2015)
- Not guilty: repeated sexual assault of same child (2014)
- Misdemeanor charge of sexual intercourse with a child amended to county ordinance violation of disorderly conduct (2014)
- Three felony charges of repeated sexual assault of a child (including three other felony charges) – reduced to two misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree sexual assault (2013)
- First-degree sexual assault amended to disorderly conduct (2013)
- Second-degree sexual assault amended to disorderly conduct (2013)
- Not guilty: first-degree sexual assault of a child – contact with a child under 13 and child enticement (2012)
- Felony sex with a child age 16 or older – Dismissed (2010)
- Not guilty: sexual assault by therapist (2005)Not guilty: child sexual assault (2000)
- Not guilty: child sexual assault (1998)