The best way to find out whether you’re talking to the best attorney for your case is to look at the most important measure of success – results. Nelson Defense Group’s results speak for themselves, and they are not a coincidence. Here are the reasons that we win more.

Aaron Nelson is the vice president of the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (“WACDL”). He has been awarded the prestigious Martin Hanson Advocates Prize for not-guilty jury verdicts in homicide cases a record-setting total of five times – more than any other Wisconsin criminal defense attorney. He is nationally recognized by his peers as a top criminal defense trial lawyer, presenting both locally and nationally, as well as being an instructor at the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, Georgia.

Adam Nero is an authority on Wisconsin OWI/DUI law, and has published articles on legal issues in OWI/DUI defense in the Wisconsin Law Journal in both 2016 and 2017. He’s been invited to provide training in OWI/DUI defense to public defenders across the State of Wisconsin. Additionally, in 2015, he delivered a presentation on postconviction/appeals work to the Dane County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

We’re different from other local attorneys who “dabble” in criminal defense. We don’t do divorces or personal injury, and we definitely don’t do taxes. We don’t do bankruptcy, we don’t take cases in Minnesota (even though we’re right on the border), and we don’t have contracts to prosecute municipal OWI/DUI cases. At Nelson Defense Group, Defending People Against the Power of Government in Wisconsin is 100% of what we do as attorneys.

We Don’t Have Multiple Practice Areas

Some lawyers take many types of cases, but we don’t believe that’s the best approach when handling real people’s potentially life-changing legal issues. These are fine lawyers doing good work, but we’re fortunate to be able to concentrate only on Wisconsin criminal defense. This gives us the focused, exclusive, and practical depth of knowledge required to clean up messes, for good people in bad situations, in the State of Wisconsin. Nelson Defense Group is not a “jack of all trades,” we do one thing and do it well, and we’re proud of that.

We hope that you’re shopping around to find the best fit for your case. When you speak to other attorneys, ask them how many other practice areas they have. The best answer is, as you might expect, “Just one.”

We Don’t Prosecute People

We pride ourselves on Defending People Against the Power of Government. However, some defense lawyers have contracts to be municipal prosecutors, too. While there’s nothing wrong with that, unfortunately, prosecutors are excluded from some of the best legal training available.

For example, municipal prosecutors are not allowed to attend the intensive curriculum offered by the National College for DUI Defense (“NCDD”), held at Harvard Law School. They can’t even be NCDD members. Attorney Adam Nero of Nelson Defense Group has attended the summer session at Harvard three times and graduated.

Nor can municipal prosecutors attend the Annual Wisconsin Drunk Driving Defense Seminar in Elkhart Lake, WI, where the state’s top lawyers gather to share strategies and discuss cutting-edge legal issues. Not only has Aaron Nelson, founding attorney at Nelson Defense Group, attended that seminar, but he’s been invited to speak as an instructor on several occasions.

This is just one more reason that we choose to remain 100% dedicated to Defending People Against the Power of Government.

We Don’t Take Cases in Two States

We’re based in historic downtown Hudson, right on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border. From time to time, Minnesota lawyers take criminal cases in western Wisconsin. These can be very talented lawyers, but learning a second state’s laws is like learning a second language, and we believe that our clients prefer to hire native speakers like us.

We are sometimes hired to replace an out-of-state attorney, and it can be a struggle to undo their mistakes when they are made. We know it might be good for business to take cases in more than one state, but we also know that our clients appreciate our uncompromised focus on providing the best Wisconsin criminal defense services possible.

Again, we hope that you’re shopping around to find the best fit for your case. When you speak to other attorneys, ask them how many states they practice in. The best answer is, as you might expect, “Just one.”

Although we’d like to be able to help everyone in need, our firm does not take every case that comes through our front doors. We are a low-volume office, and we do that on purpose, in order to give each of our clients and their cases the attention that they deserve. We work hard on every single case. Your prosecutor cannot hope to know the ins and outs of your case with the depth and precision that we do. With their caseloads, it is just not possible. Like most things in life, the team who does the most work and gives each problem the necessary attention to find the right solution, Is the team most likely to win. Again, our results speak for themselves and they are not a coincidence.

However, like the prosecutors, there are some well-meaning but overworked defense lawyers who handle a large number of cases. Many can only manage this by charging lower fees to a larger client base. At Nelson Defense Group, we want to give our clients every possible advantage. This includes the advantage of having your attorney spend more time on your case. There is no substitute for good, honest, hard work – but hard work means time. At Nelson Defense Group, we structure our practice to give you and your case the time, attention, and effort that they deserve.

We know that if you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, that it can feel like your entire world has been turned upside down. Our business is crisis management. When you bring us onboard, we start to work on your situation immediately. We’re responsive, attentive, and compassionate – we care about what we do, and our work reflects that. When Aaron opened Nelson Defense Group, he handpicked his team of attorneys, paralegals, and law student interns. As necessary, we draw upon our most trusted investigators and expert witnesses to bolster your defense.

When you hire Nelson Defense Group, you get the whole team, and not just one lawyer. Everyone in the office is going to work on your case – not just the lead attorney on your case – which gives you a serious advantage. Attorney Aaron Nelson tends to spearhead the serious felony cases, such as homicides and sexual assaults. In these cases, Attorney Adam Nero takes on a supporting role, assisting in the research, writing, and motion litigation. Attorney Adam Nero’s wheelhouse is OWI/DUI, postconviction practice, and appeals. You will get the right lead attorney for your case, but again, we use a team approach at Nelson Defense Group on every single case – when you hire our team, you get the whole team.

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