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Drunk Driving

If you’ve been arrested for an OWI-related offense, you should call Nelson Defense Group immediately. A 10-day clock has begun to run on your right to challenge either the revocation or administrative suspension of your driving charges.

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These driver’s license proceedings are a related but distinct issue for your court case and require additional and immediate attention.

The attorneys at Nelson Defense Group have undergone extensive legal and scientific training to defend people accused of drunk driving offenses. Many potential challenges exist to these cases, depending on the individual facts.

During your case, we acquire police reports, squad car video, dispatch records, maintenance records for blood/breath testing equipment and more. We leave no stone unturned.

Nelson Defense Group defends drivers with cases across Wisconsin against the following charges:

- Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI)
- Operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration (PAC)
- Operating a motor vehicle with a detectable amount of restricted controlled substance (RCS) - OWI with minor child in vehicle
- OWI causing injury, great bodily harm or death
- Administrative suspension review hearings
- Refusal hearings