Nelson Defense Group attorneys have successfully handled numerous cases involving clients charged with drug crimes. While American culture’s changing attitude about marijuana has helped to legalize the possession of marijuana in some states, it is still against the law in Wisconsin to possess marijuana. Despite these changes in our Nation, Wisconsin law still allows the government to charge people with a prior marijuana offense with a Felony for possession of marijuana. And in some parts of Wisconsin the Government still sends people to prison for possessing marijuana (second offense). Also, while some people in power in our criminal justice are slowly learning how to better handle cases involving people using and/or addicted to drugs, including opiates, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and even prescriptions drugs, it is still all too common that the Government in Wisconsin uses convictions and punishment as their primary “solution” to America’s problems with drugs. If you or a loved one are charged with a drug crime in Wisconsin you need an experienced team of lawyers capable of successfully defending you against the power of the government.

At Nelson Defense Group, we begin by presuming you innocent. This sounds easy enough, but all too often many criminal defense attorneys ignore this constitutional principle and skip right to negotiating what they think is the best “deal” possible. At Nelson Defense Group, we do not ever label plea agreements as “deals,” because nothing involving an infringement of your life, liberty or happiness is ever a “deal.” Instead, we begin by presuming you innocent and analyze the State’s case to determine what if any Motions we can file to persuade the judge that the evidence (usually the drugs) must be suppressed due to Law Enforcement’s violation of your 4th, 5th or 6th Amendments. We then aggressively litigate the motion, including doing our own investigation when necessary. Thankfully for many of our past clients, we have been successful at getting evidence suppressed based on these motions. If we are not able to suppress the evidence in your case, then we explore whether the Government can prove you actually possessed the item in question, or whether the item can be scientifically proven to be the drug the Government claims it to be, or lastly, whether the Government can prove that your intent was to sell or distribute the alleged drug. Despite what Law Enforcement might have told you, just because an item was found in your car or your home it does not automatically mean the Government can convince a jury of 12 people that you possessed the item. In cases alleging a delivery of drugs, we investigate the Government’s proof and prepare to vigorously cross-examine any of the Government’s witnesses who claim to have “seen” what they have concluded to be a “delivery.”

If you seek a criminal defense firm that takes a team approach, is knowledgeable in the law and skilled in the courtroom, then you need look no further. Nelson Defense Group is Wisconsin’s premier criminal defense firm for defending people accused of drug crimes.

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