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Drug Crimes

While American culture’s changing attitude about marijuana has helped to legalize the possession of marijuana in some states, it is still against the law in Wisconsin to possess marijuana.

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We analyze the State’s case to determine what, if any, motions we can file to persuade the judge that the evidence (usually the drugs) must be suppressed due to law enforcement’s violation of your 4th, 5th or 6th Amendments. We then aggressively litigate the motion, including doing our own investigation when necessary. Thankfully for many of our past clients, we have been successful at getting evidence suppressed based on these motions.

If we are not able to suppress the evidence in your case, then we explore whether the government can prove you actually possessed the item in question, or whether the item can be scientifically proven to be the drug the government claims it to be. Or lastly, whether the government can prove that your intent was to sell or distribute the alleged drug.

If you seek a criminal defense firm that takes a team approach, is knowledgeable in the law and skilled in the courtroom, then look no further. Nelson Defense Group is Wisconsin’s premier criminal defense firm for defending people accused of drug crimes.