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Criminal Defense
Is All We Do
We’re different from other attorneys who dabble. We don’t take divorce, personal injury, bankruptcy or tax cases. We refuse to take cases in Minnesota, and we don’t have contracts to prosecute municipal OWI/DUI cases. Defending people in Wisconsin against the power of government is 100 percent of what we do.

Fewer Cases for Heightened Client Attention
Even though we’d like to, our firm does not take every case that comes through our door. We’re a low-volume office with the intention of giving each of our clients, and their cases, the attention they deserve.

You Get the Whole Team – Not Just One Lawyer
When you bring us onboard, we start to work on your situation immediately. We’re responsive, attentive and compassionate. You will receive the right lead attorney for your case, but also a full team to bolster your defense.